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Orink Infotech Poland does not sell to retail customers. By sending this form you will be contacted by our distributor who will be in the immediate area

Orink Infotech Poland is the official distributor of ORINK printing consumables Europe. Our wide range of products is also a premium and WHITE BOX products.

For 10 years we cooperate with reliable suppliers constantly caring about the quality of the products delivered to you. With professional customer service and stable quality of products and marketing support, we trusted We have many customers from both Polish and foreign.

Julia Telej
Sales Manager
tel.: +48 515 905 478 e-mail: skype: julia_11549 gg: 64870782
Iwona Łukasik
Sales specialist
tel.: +48 95 746 07 49 tel.: +48 515 905 480 e-mail: skype: Orink Iwona Łukasik gg: 50202624
Barbara Kozik
Sales specialist
tel.: tel.: +48 531 433 882 e-mail: skype: Orink Barbara gg: 73000860
Izabela Tytus
Sales specialist
tel.: +48 720 810 111 tel.: +48 95 751 44 42 e-mail: skype: Izabela Orink Infotech Poland gg: 74087236
Monika Abramowicz
Buyer specialist
tel.: +48 531 416 333 tel.: +48 95 751 57 77 e-mail: skype: monika_4599 gg: 64196974
Patrycja Lentner
Sales specialist
tel.: +48 515 905 477 e-mail: gg: 8351132
Natalia Donigiewicz
Debt collection specialist
tel.: +48 515 905 468 e-mail: skype: Natalia Orink gg: 72779474
Complaints department
tel.: +48 515 905 468 e-mail: skype: gg:
Tomasz Szybczyński
Dawid Rojek
tel.: +48 95 751 44 42 e-mail: gg:


NIP: 5992442553
Białczyk 75
66-460 Białczyk


After completing the complaint form, please attach it to the parcel and send the defective goods to the address


Department of Return and Complains
Białczyk 75
66-460 Białczyk

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